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Gift Set of 3 Rococo Floral Bee Bars

Gift Set of 3 Rococo Floral Bee Bars

These little 20g bars were part of my haul from the Rococo stand at the Southbank Chocolate Festival last month. Rococo do a range of these little ‘Bee Bars’ in both milk and dark chocolate varieties, but I thought I’d start with these dark chocolates flavoured with rose and jasmine essential oils. There is also a violet bar in the in this range, but I wasn’t able to get hold of one of those. Maybe next time.

The packaging is, as you would expect from Rococo, very pretty, with flower designs printed on thick, rough paper. The inside of the wrapper has feintly printed rococo designs, as well as more detailed information on the chocolate itself. Oh – and a voucher. Collect 8 of them and they’ll send you a free bar!

Both chocolates are 65% cocoa solids and have a nice, minimal ingredients list. The rose bar is flavoured with natural rose essence and natural vanilla, so as you’d expect, the taste is evocative of Turkish Delight. The flavours are soft and subtle, never overpowering the chocolate. The chocolate being relatively sweet itself makes this the kind of chocolate that it’s all to easy to lose yourself in.


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  • Reply May 3, 2010


    I am a packaging junkie and I love the way these chocolate bars look. Simply stunning. They really are too pretty to unwrap!

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