Artisan Bar Gift Sets With A Difference – Christmas @ Rococo Chocolates

Gift Set of 3 Rococo Floral Bee Bars

Gift Set of 3 Rococo Floral Bee Bars

Good grief Rococo lovers! Christmas lights are already glittering across high streets around the country and there is no escaping it: the big day is just around the corner!
For those who are starting to plan the seemingly never ending Christmas list (for those who have been both naughty and nice) we come with some Rococo inspiration in the guise of our Artisan Bar Gift Sets.

Our selections include the 8 Organic Mini Bee Bar Gift Set featuring a range of unique chocolate tastes, a Floral Scented Dark Chocolate Trio of Jasmine, Rose and Violet and perhaps the ultimate in festive artisan chocolate – a trio of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh, Christmas Pudding and Morello Cherry Artisan Bars.

Add some sparkle to those festive stockings – visit Rococo Chocolates now!

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