Cinnamon bar review

Here’s an interesting little bar from Waitrose. I bought it because it’s plain white wrapper stood out amongst all the brightly coloured bars on the shelf.

The packaging itself is a bit weird – a rather strangely decorated sheet of white paper (I’m not quite sure what the birds and dominos signify), inserted into plain plastic, then folded into a pouch that looks like it might contain tobacco. Most odd, but it succeeded in getting my attention, so they’re obviously doing something right.

Inside, the bar itself follows a more conventional design, divided into chunks with a big ‘Rococo’ logo in the centre that reminded me of the Prestat Organic Dark bar I reviewed back in July.

I really quite enjoyed the flavours in the bar. The cinnamon adds a warmth to the creamy (37%) milk chocolate that’s particularly comforting on a cold winter’s night like tonight. It does become a little bit overpowering by the time you’ve scoffed half the bar though, so I recommend just letting a chunk or two melt in your mouth slowly, then putting it down for a while.

But the most unusual thing here is the texture. I presume it’s down to the cinnamon, but as it starts to melt away it becomes grainy. It’s not unpleasant, but I would have preferred something smoother that melted away more cleanly. Having said that, the cinnamon flavour won me over, so I’ll certainly be on the lookout for more from Rococo.

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