The Quest for Incredible Chocolate

Since I was familiar with two of the bars, I decided to go with the new bar first.  It is the Rococo Artisan Chili Pepper Bar from the UK.  It is an organic 65% bar that is incredibly creamy.  It tells you right on the wrapper that it contains a high percentage of cocoa butter and you can tell by the mouthfeel.  This chocoalte bar uses birds eye chili pepper (aka chili padi), which is a well-known Thai pepper.  It has a relatively strong heat intensity, which definitely shows in this bar!!

When I put a piece of the chocolate next to my nose I could smell the chili pepper, but when I put it in my mouth that was all I could feel.  The heat quickly overtook my mouth and not a crevice was left untouched.  This baby is HOT.  What about the chocolate?  Well, it is very creamy, but I don’t know anything about the taste.  The heat of the chili overpowered my mouth so much that I couldn’t taste anything else.  The heat lingered in my mouth long after the bar left.  If you like heat, then this is the bar for you.  I can’t recommend it for the chocolate.

Nirvana Spicy Aztec

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