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A wonderful treasure of a shop in the heart of Kings Road. The pleasure factor starts as soon as you walk-in here: visual and scented delights are all around in the compact space.

Owner, Chantal Coady, should probably take much of the credit for the real chocolate revolution in London. Since she showed us the truth about chocolate there has been no turning-back for many. Our palates have moved-on and grown-up (with the exception of some faithful CDM and Galaxy addicts).

This tiny piece of chocolate heaven has a tempting selection, enticingly displayed, from bags of ‘grapes’ and other creative gift offerings to the fabulous in-house range of beautiful blue-and-white packaged artisan bars – infused with flavours that you may not even have dreamt of. The spice and floral dark, high cocoa-solid variants work really well and although they make for a pricey bar (£3.75 for 70g) the quality is wonderful – a small piece has a high satisfaction quotient; a little goes a long way and needs to be savoured slowly.

Probably not ideal to cross the premises when you’re on a food (or financial) diet; it’s a must visit when you’re in the area and deserve a sweet treat (for yourself or as a gift).

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