The Easter Bunny has gone Mad

The Easter Bunny has gone mad.  Not one, but two brands of luxury chocolates are sitting keyboardside here this morning.  The handmade Rococo and the luscious Artisan du Chocolat arrived sometime during the night.  And why on earth has the Easter bunny gone to such extravagant measures in times of austerity?  Surely Cadbury would suffice?

No.  Missmarketcrash has calculated that the amount of Cadbury required to satisfy a serious chocoholic is at least eight times more than eating one posh chocolate.  And, this morning, in the great taste-off of posh chocolates, Missmarketcrash has determined that five Rococo’s are required for every Artisan eaten.  So, in the name of waistline and budget, I recommend you stick with Artisan, specifically the salted caramel balls.  Salty Balls, raised eyebrow, small smirk.

via Make do and Mend with Miss Marketcrash: The Easter Bunny has gone Mad.

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