Hand Made Chocolate Easter Egg From Rococo Chocolates

Valrhona Hand Made Dark Chocolate Easter Egg From Rococo Chocolates

I got these Valrhona Hand Made Dark Chocolate Easter Egg from the nice people at Rococo Chocolates. I thought I’d ask for a couple to review as I wanted to try something a bit different and hoped that it’d encourage some of you to buy your Easter eggs from somewhere different than the major outlets and from the well-known brands. Well this one has premium chocolatier Rococo with Valrhona ganache eggs. Now I know Chocolate Trading Co sell Valrhona chocolates as well, but these come within an Easter egg.

On to the review. As you can see, the box is fantastic, the ribbon sets it off nicely and you can tell that you’ve not got a cheap and nasty Easter egg, but one of the highest quality. Even when you open up the box you’ll see the Easter egg wrapped in the same type of paper. I was really impressed at this point – and that wouldn’t change. When I unravelled the paper I was met with the eggs wrapped in golden foil which reminded me of the Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs.

When you unwrap it from the foil you’ll see some lovely ganache-filled mini eggs, some gorgeous truffles and some little square chocolates. Top marks so far!

So you’ve worked your way around the chocolate treats inside and you’re determined to try the Easter egg itself … you won’t be disappointed. You can tell its good quality chocolate as its double lined – there’s two coatings of chocolate.

Often with dark chocolate it can be bitter and sometimes it can have a farmyard taste. But this Rococo chocolate is beautifully mild, even though its is 65% cocoa solids – but still with the slightly bitter taste. The texture is immense and light. The aroma wonderfully fragrant with a slight sugary undertone. This is a chocolate I could eat and not feel guilty.

But it doesn’t stop there, the truffles are out of this world – I’m just upset there were only five of them, I’m eagerly looking to see if I can buy them separately. The mini eggs were exceptional as well. And the little square chocolates were curious little things – they tasted of rum, and that’s just not fair! I’m partial to the odd drop!

I thought it was £9-odd at first. But actually – “the girl who’s afraid of foxes” is right – it’s actually £18.50. That’s the problem when you don’t buy them 🙁

Easter Eggs Rating: 9.5/10 – Fantastically packaged, wonderful flavour, a nice variety of goodies inside and a price that I just can’t believe.

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