Chocolate Wedding Theme – An Increasing Trend

Ian Stuart, the winner of Best Bridal designer 2004-2007 created an amazing looking wedding dress is made of white chocolate, and described as “cute, burlesque, contemporary, fashionable and 1950’s” – We describe it as “Tasty looking, with potential to melt, leaving a semi naked bride on a hot summer’s day”.  Now that is one way to make a statement on your wedding day.

The collaboration between Rococo and Ian Stuart fits, because you have two different high profile brands, both cutting edge and both willing to try something new

Technically brilliant, the dress looks fantastic, and being created by two parties at the pinnacle of their games, makes it a fascinating achievment.

• The design and color of flowers for your bouquet and decorations in the wedding venue and reception. Find a flower shop that has chocolate coloured flowers such as , chocolate cosmos, dahlia-chocolate sundae, dahlia karma chocolate, penumbra, Sherry Baby Chocolate Orchid, black barlows and others.

•   You can ask a caterer to come up with a menu of food recipes with chocolates. You can consider foie gras with dark chocoalate, duck with chocolate sauce, chocolate-dusted scallops with vanilla butter sauce, chicken mole chicken recipe with chocolate sauce, seared pork tenderloin with cocoa spice rub, and grilled New York strip with chocolate merlot sauce, among many others.

• A chocolate fountain will definitely be a hit for your chocolate-themed wedding. There are also a great variety of premium imported chocolates available, oftentimes available in most chocolate varieties.  Often you can also have attendants that will watch over the fountain and help guests to get the most out of it, and they will also do any necessary cleaning that is involved.

• Chocolate Coloured Decorations – Because brown coordinates so perfectly with many colors—pink, turquoise, melon, lavender—it’s a great color to work with the chocolate theme for your wedding reception.  Chocolate and tiffany blue is very popular right now.

• One of the last things to consider can be the wedding accessories, decor, and favors. Make sure that the design, color, and overall outcome of these items will follow your chocolate theme.

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