Chocolate Wedding Dress

Our chocolate wedding dress had a nice little outing during Chocolate Week as part of a chocolate sculpture exhibition at Chocolate Unwrapped.

Rococo Chocolate Wedding Dress

It’s been causing quite a stir, so here’s a closer look at how we made it.

Chantal Coady and Ian Stuart of Ian Stuart Brides had been talking about creating a chocolate wedding dress for years, and Chocolate Week 2008 seemed the perfect opportunity to combine Ian’s distinctive style and Rococo’s creative approach to chocolate.

The dress started with underskirts and one of Ian’s bodices dipped in chocolate. Laurent, our chocolatier, made panels of intricate white chocolate curls and truffles to decorate the bodice. More panels were layered up on netting to cover the skirt.

Rococo ChocolateWedding Dress Construction

Attaching the panels.

Rococo Chocolate Wedding Dress Skirt Construction

The hat was topped with a white chocolate feather and ivory truffles.

Rococo Chocolate Wedding Hat

And even the shoe decorations were edible!

Rococo Chocolate Wedding Shoes

If you’d like any more information about bespoke chocolate sculptures or other one-off pieces, contact our head office.

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