Choc Shots – I Want One Of Those

We came up with the bright idea of chocolate shot glasses when we realized that after dinner we wanted liqueurs and we wanted chocolate, preferably at the same time and without resorting to those ghastly pre-packed fake tasting liqueur chocolates. What better way to solve the dilemma than to make shot glasses out of exceptionally delicious chocolate?

It took a considerable amount of testing and great hardship to come up with the perfect sized Choc Shot, much chocolate was eaten and many liqueurs were tested – you can understand the personal sacrifice we underwent. Especially made for us by Rococo Chocolates in London (don’t be fooled by cheap ‘shooter’ imitations) and packed as a set of twelve in a lovely box, Choc Shots are the ultimate finish to any evening, and drinking almost any liqueur out of them is utterly dreamy.

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