C’est la Vie – My French Chateau

Rococo School of Chocolate: OK, it’s obvious we have great food on our minds. And this website and store we just couldn’t let pass without telling you all about it. The Rococo School of Chocolate, in London, founded in 1983 by Chantal Coady, not only a beautiful website where you can order the most yummy delights, but also a school where you can make you own chocolates!The class meets in the afternoon, provides afternoon refreshments as well as a glass of champagne at the end of class! As their website says “A perfect day out for a group of friends or colleagues: no pressure, no exams, just chocolate-covered fun”! Now that you don’t find in your usual tourist guide.  Now that’s a serious YUM!

via C’est la Vie ~ My French Chateau: Rococo School of Chocolate.

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