Books: Indulgence or Real Chocolate

Coady (The Chocolate Companion; Chocolate: Food of the Gods) acquired an international following with her London chocolate shop, Rococo. Her new, lavishly illustrated book features recipes as well as a history of chocolate and “master classes” on ganache, tempering, and other special techniques. Along with indulgent, mouth-watering desserts and other treats (e.g., drinks such as Chocolate Manhattans), she offers an eclectic selection of savory recipes, from Chocolate Tempura to Pan-Roasted Chicken with Chocolate Vinegar (some of her “nonsweets” may be a bit too exotic for many readers). It’s a bit surprising that she doesn't include more information on chocolates with “high cocoa content” (i.e., extra bittersweet and the like) that are increasingly available to consumers. Nevertheless, professionals and other chocolate lovers will find her latest book delectable and a bargain; for most baking collections.

via Salads books: Indulgence or Real Chocolate.

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