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Despite being youthful, modern women of the twenty-first century, there is nothing that Bella and Crumb enjoy more than feeding home-made cake to friends and family and catching up over a nice cup of tea. Over time they noticed a funny thing – that the more cakes they baked and pots of tea they brewed, the more people popped over to say hello.

So they decided to put their love of cake to good use by throwing a proper Afternoon Tea  and inviting lots of new people to come along and join the fun. It needed to be held somewhere beautiful in central London, so they asked themselves, where’s the most exciting place we could hold an afternoon tea? Why, they answered themselves, in a pretty chocolate shop! Oh yes. And, as if afternoon tea with bubbly in a chocolate shop wasn’t enough, they are ensuring that you can feel virtuous as you’re enjoying their treats, because every single penny of profit from your  £15 donation will go to charity.

Afternoon tea will be held on Sunday 16th August and Sunday 20th September, and booking is essential. Would you like to see the menu?

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