mixing & stirring

Chocolate Cooking Class
Come mix and stir your way to delicious chocolate treats. This workshop provides a great introduction to chocolate and builds your child’s confidence in the kitchen. We will make a variety of chocolate creations including brownies, cupcakes and other sweet treats! Children will take home all of their creations along with recipes to recreate at home (parental guidance recommended!)

Chocolate Bar Making
This is the perfect workshop for your creative child. We will start by introducing the group to Rococo and give a brief explanation on how chocolate is made. This is followed by a chocolate tasting so they have an idea of what flavours to add to their chocolate bar. The children will spend time designing wrappers for their bars and also time in the kitchen working with chocolate to create their own chocolate bar. At the end of the workshop, the bars are wrapped in colourful foils and wrappers they’ve designed. Each child will get to take home their unique chocolate creation.

Educational Workshops
Our Educational Workshops for Children are a held at the Motcomb Street shop. This is where chocolate is brought to life and children can enter the magical world of Rococo Chocolates. We touch on key curriculum topics such as geography, maths, nutrition, art, science and history. There will be a guided chocolate tasting and a goody bag to take home.

This workshop is perfect for school groups looking for an informational and fun day out of the classroom. It is a fantastic way to educate children about where chocolate comes from, i.e.; not necessarily in a bright foiled wrapper!

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