La Provence tribute to Francois Doucet

Oraison has lost one of its most famous local figures.

The news of the death of François Doucet came early this weekend plunging consternation in the city of Oraison. Mr. Doucet, whose appearance was known to everyone, was an emblematic figure of the city for which he served as an elected official, as well as professionally and as a volunteer.

Honest, humble, François Doucet was a hard worker a rich tradition inherited from his great-grandfather Theodore Vieillard, creator of the fruit pulp of Auvergne, created in 1969, with his wife Maggy, of the confectioners ‘Francois Doucet’, which has since become a dynamic SME in the region.

François Doucet was equally distinguished in the life of the town for which he was invested as an elected official with Dr. Santucci, but also as a volunteer for many, many within the local ADMR which he was president all by getting involved in the association of that entity. François Doucet is also the creator of the Food Bank. He was also a kingpin of the celebration of the almond to revive the almond industry: François Doucet was active since the early 2000s that farmers of our region are getting into this culture: “The almond of Provence is the best, most sought after. And the exhibition, as the climate of the lands north of the town of Oraison are best for orchards” he stressed. Moreover, he was also the founder of the business combination and shops of Oraison.

A man of conviction and a big heart, who in recent years cultivated the art of being a grandfather. The editor grieves for his Wife and her children and presents his sincere condolences.


His funeral was be held in the church of Oraison tomorrow at 16:30 on April 28.Roughly translated from

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