We Love: Riedel O Wine Glasses

“Have you heard of Zero glasses?” Asks Chantal. “They’re  my favourites because you get an exceptional drinking experience, like drinking from fine crystal, but the glasses go in the dishwasher.”




“The company is amazingly innovative. It goes back generations, then in 2004 they decided to chop the stems and bases off the wine glasses.They feel lovely to hold and they’re a little like weebles, much more difficult to knock over than a regular wine glass. Very practical and well-designed, like tumblers but properly shaped for wine.”


Riedel, a Bohemian glass maker based in Austria and Germany, is an 11th generation family company that has been working with glass for more than 250 years. In 1961 they first displayed a range of wine glasses each designed and shaped to enhance the taste of a specific variety of wine, and it’s those shapes that form the basis of the 0 wine tumblers.




Their website also has a handy guide to wine tasting.


Images: Riedel

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