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Pass through Peckham on the bus and you’d be forgiven for thinking that the bright yellow shop you fly past is just a cheerful corner store. Step inside Persepolis though and you’ll find a gloriously ramshackle treasure trove. Even better, it’s a treasure trove of the foodie variety, specialising in all things Persian.

You could pop in for pomegranate molasses and easily lose half an hour browsing the shelves, which are stuffed with everything from exotic spices and cheeses to homewares. The shopkeepers are knowledgeable and there’s a teeny tiny cafe area selling tea with cardamom, saffron tea, sweet pastries and vegetarian mezze.

Image: Persepolis

Images: Persepolis

Sally Butcher, one of the shop’s owners, is a respected food writer and author of Veggiestan, Snackistan and Persia in Peckham. She runs the shop with her husband and is a regular on the pop-up scene.

Aside from the food, we love their dedication, irreverent attitude and sense of humour – who wouldn’t want to read a blog post called Eight Things  To Do with That Whacking Great Bag of Za’atar You’ve Just Bought?, advice you are likely to need if you end up just popping in there and leaving laden, as I usually do.

Sally Butcher Veggiestan Credit Persepolis

Images: Persepolis


While you’re in Peckham, Peckham Bazaar, is also worth a visit. Their food (I am still dreaming about a smoky butternut squash dish with chickpeas I had there in October) may also give you inspiration for what to do with all that Za’atar.

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