What did chocolatier.co.uk think of our brownies?

The chocolate brownie: one of our favourite treats but also a subject of intense debate. Cakey or fudgy? Sweet or bitter? Crust or no crust?

The team at chocolatier.co.uk did a review of brownies from London’s best bakeries and chocolatiers recently. Did you know we make brownies? No? We have a cafe in our Motcomb Street shop where you can take your choice from a vast selection of teas and coffees in our hidden garden. And what’s a cup of tea without a little something to accompany it?

marococo garden 2008

We make our brownies by hand in the kitchen downstairs and they’re firm favourites with our customers, but what did Chocolatier think?

The consensus was very much that this was very more-ish brownie indeed

Rococo brownies

Very, very good texture

We think that the perfect brownie should have a soft texture with a crisp, thin crust, so we’re pleased they appreciated ours. Without giving all of their secrets away, the team at Motcomb St say that the secret lies in the ingredients (good dark chocolate rather than cocoa powder and real butter) and in beating the eggs and sugar together for  a long time for that perfect texture.

The brownies that Chocolatier tried contained Valrhona Caramelia and a hint of sea salt, but they often change the flavours so you might find marshmallows, cherries or nuts in yours!

They’re normally only available in Motcomb St, but will be making a special appearance this Sunday at the Marylebone Summer Fayre this Sunday (16th June).



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