Chantal’s favourite places in Grenada, an interview with Virgin Atlantic

We co-own a cocoa farm known as Grococo with the Grenada Chocolate Company. Chantal has visited Grenada regularly since she first tasted chocolate from the GCC many years ago, so she had plenty of suggestions when Virgin Atlantic asked for her recommendations and favourite places there.

Read the article for Chantal’s take on Grenada, filled with rum, yoga, calalloo soup, nature reserves and (of course) chocolate.

Gru Grococo bar, made from beans grown on our own farm.

Gru Grococo bar, made from beans grown on our own farm in Grenada.

Just to clarify, it’s not quite true that all of our chocolate is made on the island. The Gru Grococo bar is made with beans that come 100% from our own farm, but the house blend that you’ll find in our bars and wafers is a mix of Grenada and other organic chocolates, largely from the caribbean. We do use rather a lot of chocolate each year and the factory in Grenada is quite small!


Via: Virgin Atlantic

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