10 easy Halloween party games

We’re having a fancy dress competition at our Motcomb Street Halloween Party chocolate workshop on Thursday (31st October) at 11:30am, where children will help make ghoulish delights like pumpkin patch cookies, Slimeade Punch & Chocolate Black Widow Spiders. Book your child’s space here.

If you’re having a Halloween party for your kids at home though, what should you include? Here are 10 party game ideas that’ll keep them happily spooked.



White chocolate eyeballs with cherry ganache bloody innards


1. Apple Bobbing. The quintessential Halloween game, this involves floating apples in a large bowl of water. Children hold their arms behind their backs while trying to catch an apple in the teeth. A variation on this is to hide sweets in flour, but whichever you choose, make sure you have the floor covered and plenty of towels ready.

2. Doughnuts on Strings. Another traditional Halloween party staple, everybody loves this game. Suspend ring doughnuts from lengths of string on a washing line, one per person. Make the strings different lengths so that everyone can find a doughnut at the appropriate height, and the winner is the first to eat theirs without using their hands.

3. Ghost Bowling. This game is best outdoors but can work inside if you’re careful and clear breakables. Draw eyes onto white napkins then use them to cover a set of garden bowling pins (or butternut squashes if you don’t have any). Draw a scary face on the ball and bowl away.

4. Broomstick Relay. If it’s dry enough outside, set up a relay race where teams let of steam by racing up and down on a broomstick. Variations might include getting them to hold an eye (peeled egg) on a spoon while they run, or run on all fours like spiders.

5. Guess the Ghost. This is a variation of Squeak Piggy, Squeak. One child is blindfolded while the others all sit on the floor in a circle. Play some music, and the person who is ‘it’ walks around the circle tapping each person on the head. When the music stops, the person whose head is being tapped gives a ghostly wail, and the blindfolded person has to guess who it is.

6. Trick or Treat. The children sit in a circle and pass around an appropriately decorated bowl with slips of paper marked either ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ while music plays. When the music stops the child holding the bowl takes a slip. If it says ‘treat’ they get a sweet, and  if it’s a trick the must perform a forfeit.

7. Chocolate Painting. A favourite from the Rococo workshops, kids love painting with chocolate. Melt dark chocolate and let them paint bats and ghouls onto rice paper then eat their creations (pretending to be a dragon/monster at this stage is optional). An alternative to this would be decorating spooky cupcakes with the help of liquorice laces, sweets and writing icing.

8. Guess the Sweets. Fill a jar with Halloween-themed sweets, and get everybody to guess how many sweets the jar contains at the start of the party. At the end, the person with the closest guess gets to take the jar home.

9. Guts and Brains. Fill a series of boxes with tactile foods, such as jelly, peeled hardboiled eggs, oiled cooked spaghetti, marshmallows, damp sponges and bread crusts. Decide what each one is to be – the sponge might be a giant’s tongue, and the eggs could be dragon eyeballs, for example. Cut a small hole in the top of the box, just big enough for a child’s hand and get them to guess what’s in them. If you really want to cause chaos, tell a gruesome story about surgery gone wrong and innards as you pass the appropriate boxes around.

10. Most traditional party games can be adapted for Halloween without too much effort, so try What’s the Time Mrs Witch, oMusical Tombstones, Pin the Smile on the Pumpkin/Pin the Fangs on the Bat, Sleeping Monsters or Zombie Tag.


Halloween ghosts, gruesome eyeballs, and orange pumpkins in the shop

Catering for Halloween parties doesn’t have to be difficult or particularly unhealthy. All you have to do is give food disgusting labels: lime jelly makes excellent monster snot, salsa and guacamole become bloody guts and ghost slime, popcorn looks a little like brains and ham can be rolled up to make dead men’s fingers or cut into wormy strips. Our shops sell white chocolate eyeballs filled with gooey red cherry flavour bloody innards, or use lychees as eyeballs. Have fun with it and think crunchy spiders, maggots, rotting rubbish, slimy worms, dirt made from chocolate biscuits – the more horrible the better.


Or if that all seems like too much effort, contact Julie and book the kids into our Halloween party workshop!

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