Persepolis Persopaedia Customer Profiles

We love this shop and their website – where our founder can be seen stocking up on essential ingredients to recreate the Khoreshts of her birthplace. We thought this affectionate characterisation of their various customers was reminiscent of our own experiences, and so reproduce it here for your amusement.

The Quick Fix:

This guy goes for a small selection of the sweetest, gloopiest most depraved little numbers. This apparent rampant sugar junkie is actually more in tune with his inner glucose demons than most of us – he knows what his body needs and chooses the most direct route to get it there. Either that or he has a hangover. Quick fixers are often sportsmen or students.

The Socialite:

This lady entertains and is entertained very regularly and is constantly looking for something new to offer guests or as a hospitality present. She usually goes for a moderately sized, beautifully ranged platter. And then realises that she can’t pick at it on the way home, and so has to have a modest side order of the same (for qualtiy control purposes only, you understand). This lady is great fun, if terrifyingly well organised.

The Diplomat:

“Ten of the same, please!” cries this fellow as he rushes in. He is constantly rushing… to board/committee/staff meetings. He has the potential, if not the time, to be quite cool. But slow down, man! And do you really want to be on the sort of committee where they’ll argue over who has what?

The Hedonist:

…will unashamedly choose a mismatched selection and linger over each choice because it is all for himself/herself. Sometimes the purchase is spontaneous, but regulars have confessed to planning their Persepolian moment. The strangest one that we’ve heard of yet is with Muscadet (v.cold), in the bath (, vanilla bath essence), with candles and Persian flute music (v. refined). Er, how do you eat yours?

The Sparrow:

Sidles into the shop and then agonises before selecting one or two of the most modest morsels. For goodness sake, if it’s a money thing, we’ll give them to you, and if it’s a diet thing, well life’s too short. So EAT, woman!

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