12 year old Millie Coady Booth vows to raise money in 300 mile cycle trip

Millie Coady Booth
Milly explains aged 12 explains :

“I was really inspired to cycle from Paris to London because last year in the summer my brother and mum cycled from London to Paris for a charity (Build Africa). It is a really good challenge and a chance to meet new people or consolidate old friendships. It’s a really good way to get fit and to challenge your limits! I also loved when we were training for the big ride, that we got to see so much of the English countryside and when we’re there in Paris some French scenery! I chose Arts 4 Dementia because Judy Greenwood is a really good friend and when we heard about Arts 4 Dementia helping people with art I was so inspired to help and because I love the arts so much! We will carry all our own things, and mend our own punctures – we are not camping, so the load could be worse! The route is from Paris to Dieppe, some of it on the Voie Verte, which is part of the anticipated Avenue Verte and then to Newhaven and back to London on the Cuckoo Trail … Every penny of your donations goes straight to Arts 4 Dementia, as we have funded the trip with our own money”.

Millie Coady-Booth, 12

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