Sweet Retailing | Can Facebook and Twitter really build your sales?

Skittles, Wispa and Crème Egg all have well in excess of 1.5 million “likes” on Facebook. Mentos Gum and Chewits Xtreme are just two of many brands that have unveiled new social media campaigns in the last month or so. Whilst these sorts of figures might be out of reach for many confectionery retailers, an audience of thousands using Facebook and Twitter seems to be entirely realistic for some. But is it worth the effort?

Rococo Chocolates uses Twitter and Facebook to keep customers up to date. Both tools are integrated with its blog and it boasts 2,030 followers on Twitter alone.

Chantal Coady from Rococo Chocolates is also positive about the results of social media. “We’ve been able to reach out to customers who can’t visit our shops. We’ve been delighted to receive incredibly positive feedback from both channels”.

via Sweet Retailing | Sweet Talk.

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