Chocolate Banquet Announces 2010 Awards

chocolate banquet

Chocolate Banquet congratulates both local and international winners of 2010 awards made to chocolate makers and entrepreneurs in ten different categories, including Best Dark Chocolate Bar in the U.S.; Best International Chocolates; Most Original Truffle Flavors; and Best Chocolate and Bacon Items.

“Chocolate Banquet started featuring a different chocolate each day, more than four years ago, and quickly found that we were surrounded by a growing base of incredibly talented and creative chocolatiers, chocolate makers and dessert chefs, in the San Francisco Bay Area,” stated Corinne C. DeBra, owner of Chocolate Banquet. “However, these talents extend to many other U.S. cities and locations worldwide,” DeBra continued, “enabling us to feature awards to new vendors and offerings each year.”

International winners included Hotel Chocolat, Ltd. (U.K.); Michel Cluizel (France); Momotombo (Nicaragua); Rococo Chocolates (London); and others.

via Chocolate Banquet Announces 2010 Awards – American Consumer News.

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