Watch Nigel Slater’s Real Food Episode 6 online

We dare you to travel back to 1998 to watch this episode of “Nigel Slater’s Real Food”:

  • Episode 6: Chocolate
  • Date: 1998
  • Categories: Lifestyle
  • About this programme: Nigel reveals how easy it is to create a succession of wicked but divine deserts. He makes a fudgy, densely flavoured chocolate espresso cake, chocolate truffles, a white chocolate cardamon mousse as well as a quickie chocolate dip with melted Toblerone. Nigel is also joined by Chantal Coady, Nigella Lawson and chef Rowley Leigh, who all contribute their own chocolate treats.

via SeeSaw – Watch Nigel Slater’s Real Food – Ep. 6: Chocolate online.

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