Von Geusau – the chocolates, the man, the story

Richard Von Geusau woke up one morning as an accountant, and went to bed that night with the idea of becoming a chocolatier. In between, he happened on a book written by Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates and author of Real Chocolate and two other books on the fascinating subject. Something just felt right about the idea of making chocolate and, after a phone call to Chantal, during which she invited him over to London, Richard found himself in the UK finding out all he could about the process of making chocolate from a very generous woman.

Following that was a visit to Belgium to do a course, before heading back to the little village of Greyton, which by that stage was already home to him. Ten years later and Richard is a household name. His chocolates have earned him accolades, he has an excellent relationship with Waterford Estates in Stellenbosch, with whom he is doing wine and chocolate pairings, he supplies Melissas and is in talks with Pick n Pay.

via Von Geusau – the chocolates, the man, the story.

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