Top 10 Luxury Brands’ Sites Fail To Work On iPads

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A review by the team at PSFK shows that most luxury brands are unprepared to leverage the changes in web use that products like Apple’s iPad and iPhone are driving. Out of the top 10 luxury brands ranked by Forbes in 2009, none of their websites worked sufficiently to match their desktop-web-experience. Only Gucci seems to have created a site that can handle the technology requirements that Apple has placed on its mobile devices.

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Chocolate coated iPad

Chocolate coated iPad

Anyone who knows my wife, @kerrching, knows that she’s a Apple nut. Also, with a June birthday, she has conveniently positioned herself perfectly for the Apple release cycle. An iPad was inevitable for her birthday, but I knew that if I just delivered a wrapped box, there wouldn’t be much of a surprise. Where’s the fun in that? So I rang my friends James and Paul, who happens to run the finest chocolate shop in London, Paul A Young Fine Chocolates and said “Could you freeze an iPad in chocolate carbonite, and have it survive?”. They weren’t sure, but were willing to give it a go.

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Bill Amberg's iPod case

Bill Amberg's iPod case

Bill Amberg launches the new iPad case, part of the Form collection which includes iPhone and MacBook cases. Designed for the Macintosh iPad users in mind, a perfectly designed leather case, available in navy, tan, brown or black smooth bridle leather with colour contrast trim. RRP £140, available to order online.

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