The Best Gourmet Chocolate Brands

Jasmine Floral Bee Bar

Jasmine Floral Bee Bar

There is chocolate and there is luxury chocolate. The best gourmet chocolate is not based on revenue, but on the sheer care that goes into making it.

Mars may have the chocolate market saturated, but for those that like the real, refined taste of gourmet chocolate in its purist form then take a look at these companies.

Rococo Chocolates Offer Something Different

Rococo Chocolates, a London-based company, stand out from the gourmet chocolate brands, through exquisite presentation and packaging reproduced from an 1850s French catalogue of chocolate moulds. Taste-wise, Rococo offer something that transcends the ordinary –jasmine tea bars, Arabian spices, cardamom and sultry rich truffles to name just a few. Rococo products are lovingly crafted but not too esoteric. Rococo now use more of their own organic beans from their Grococo plantation in Grenada to create an intense, fruity and authentic backdrop.

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