Taste Chocolate at a Taste of Christmas 2010

Taste Chocolate might be the sweetest thing on the menu, but there’s more to cocoa than milk, dark, and rum and raisin. The last few years have seen a boom in artisan chocolatiers in London, and that’s a boon for chocolate lovers! Carefully sourced, ethically obtained cocoa, traditional techniques and cutting edge molecular gastronomy have all contributed to a resurgence of interest and demand for the finest quality and most exotic flavours.

For some shopping and tasting, visit Rococo Chocolates, Casemir Chocolates, Auberge Du Chocolat, Chocaid, Galler Chocolates and newcomers Danucci, Baruzzo and the award-winning Paul Wayne Gregory. Or take a masterclass, tasting or workshop led by industry experts and masters of the chocolate arts. Taste of Christmas will provide the season’s most comprehensive look at what’s hot in the world of cocoa, with enough ganache, truffles, bars and balls to keep the chocolate lovers of London happy.

via Taste Chocolate.

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    […] I had not seen before. I absolutely loved these (and just bought myself some more at the recent Taste of Christmas show). They are firmly on my wish list, should any kind person be wanting to treat me to chocolates […]

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