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For dessert, my taste buds and I spent an indulgent half-an-hour in Rococo Chocolates (45 Marylebone High Street; closed Mondays).

As I peered at its window display of quirky chocolate treats, such as chocolate cigars, chocolate buses and asparagus sticks, the shop door opened and the heady smell lured me in.

Rococo’s chocolate-obsessed owner set up the business in 1983 to create and sell top quality chocolate. Before my visit, I was never tempted by flower-scented fondant creams, sugar-free chocolate or salt-flavoured chocolate.

But as I tasted these delicacies, I was reminded not of Samuel Johnson but of The Simpsons: ‘‘There’s a party in my mouth and everyone’s invited.”

The secret to merging these flavours, according to the enthusiastic shop assistant, is to strike the exact balance of flavours. When it’s done correctly, one taste is not overwhelmed by another, and each is discernible while melting on the tongue.

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