Thank you to Rococo Chocolates for agreeing to let my immensely foodie ten year old have the party of his dreams at the Rococo Chocolate flagship shop in London last weekend. Just imagine. A CHOCOLATE PARTY!! It can’t get better than that. He couldn’t have been more excited:-

They got to decorate their own bars and make their own moulds; then they designed their own wrappers.

What a great idea for a party. Loved by all of them. Rococo very kindly gave me a discount as I had done the Valentine’s promotion with them but it is still an expensive party to take children to.

Personally, I would have liked them to have been told more about how chocolate is made during their time in the kitchen and also perhaps been given one of Chantal’s Coady’s lovely chocolate cook books – maybe it’s time for her to bring out a chocolate recipe book for kids??

via ROCOCO CHOCOLATE PARTY | Family Affairs.

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