Prince William & Me: My Run-In With Royalty

Usually I research and plan every second of a trip, but my over-preparedness annoys even me; there is no room for anything unexpected. So on my one free day I set out to shop, yoga, and browse, trying to be free-spirited, which I’m not. Marylebone High Street made it easy: Rococo chocolates which somehow didn’t make it home, Ortigia Bath Oil from Sicily is my new beauty obsession, Daunt Books, The Natural Kitchen for a juice, on to Zara Home, TriYoga, I was set. But I still had some time on my hands.

And then it happened. I was trying to get a peek inside the Royal Festival Hall and went around back. I saw the paparazzi waiting, they had to be there for someone, though Lindsay Lohan doesn’t live in London. Indeed, they were waiting for The Queen. Why not? I’ll wait too. Chocolate on the ground, I spoke to a cute couple from Australia. Snapped some shots of The Queen’s car. She walked out, so did Princess Anne, Prince Philip, and some other non-descript people with bad shoes.

via Martha McCully: Prince William & Me: My Run-In With Royalty.

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