One sweet guy: Dr Jordan LeBel

Our love for this luscious treat goes back the caveman days, says chocolate pioneer Chantal Coady, owner of award-winning Rococo, a U.K. chocolate boutique. “We all crave fat, salt and sugar, and chocolate is a deeply satisfying food on that level. Plus it raises serotonin in the brain, is uniquely sensual and white chocolate is pretty close to breast milk.”

She advises sticking to pure dark chocolate. “Minimum 60%, preferably organic and made from really great cocoa beans, like the Grenada ones or Madagascar,” says Coady, author of Real Chocolate; Chocolate Food of the Gods; and The Chocolate Companion.

Chocolate every day can probably keep the doctor away! Steuer is a big believer in its heart healthy benefits. “Several recent studies show that even small amounts of dark chocolate, consumed daily, can help lower blood pressure, and that both cocoa and chocolate can help increase blood flow, which may help maintain healthy arteries and reduce strain on the heart.”

via One sweet guy | Life | London Free Press.

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    Susan DeGroot

    I agree, chocolate is great! But he should be eating healthy chocolate if he’s going to sampling that much chocolate!
    Xocai Healthy Chocolate is the one he needs to try next….cold-pressed, no wax or fillers or sugars. All natural cocao, sweetened with acai berries and blueberries. High in antioxidants, lactose-free, gluten-free…diabetic friendly! Check it out at

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