NIB-A-LICIOUS: Crispy cocoa nibs in 60% chocolate.

Nib-A-LICIOUSThis autumn Rococo Chocolates is introducing two new Grenada Chocolate bars.

  • The Nib–a– licious (above) is a 60% cocoa organic bar with a fruity, crunchy bite.
  • The 82% is akin to a bone-dry Manzanilla sherry or Islay Malt Whisky.

Perfect if you are limiting your sugar intake but with none of the astringency of most high-cocoa chocolate bars.

This cocoa growing and chocolate making cooperative in northern Grenada, of which Rococo’s farm Grococo is a part, is producing single origin chocolate from tree to bar. The organic cocoa farms produce high-quality Trinitario beans world famous for their rich complex flavour and the small batch process and rigorous selection of the beans preserves the true taste of Grenada’s cocoa.

The 60% Nib-a-licious bar is springled with nibs, pieces of the cocoa bean itself, giving the bars a wonderful crisp, crunchy texture and extra rich flavour. The 82% is an Extra Brut, unsuitable for anyone prone to compromise.

The bars retail at £3.95 (85g) truly a bargain for an exceptional single origin cocoa chocolate bar.

Rococo was founded in 1983 by Chantal Coady.

In 2007 a small cocoa farm came up for sale close to the Belmont Estate, offering the perfect opportunity for a joint venture between Rococo and the Grenada Chocolate Company to produce truly fairly traded, “ethical” chocolate. This plot of land, which we call GROCOCO, is now the ‘home farm’ which supplies 100% of its harvest of fine flavoured organic Trinitario cocoa beans to the GCC where they are made into fine chocolate. It was also one of the founding farms that make up The Grenada Organic Cocoa Farmers’ Cooperative. Seven years after our first taste of Grenada chocolate, we will be mixing Grococo beans with the Rococo Organic House Blend and from now on, all Rococo’s organic products will include Grococo beans in the recipe.

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