Mentoring brings Chocolate and Couture together !

kate starkey


Founder Rococo – the exquisite chocolate brand

We asked mentors and mentees a few questions….

Chantal told us she wanted to become a mentor because with over 25 years running her own business, she understands the value that a mentor can add, and is really keen to be able to be one of the M.A.D. (Make a Difference) Women!

When she started out in 1983, she says there were no support networks like this one, and very few other “one women shows” to use as a benchmark – the business world felt like a lonely place.

And what does Chantal think of her mentee:

“Kate is a classic start up business, she has a vision of what she wants to do, which is to roll out her brand, and become internationally recognised.  My role is to help her to articulate the vision by creating a map of how to get there, offering practical and emotional support, and of course holding her feet to the flames, which can be uncomfortable.”

And what advice would she give to others starting out:

“I would advise anyone starting out to know who your friends are, be brave, be focussed and don’t be afraid to ask for help even from business role models you don’t know.

Articulate your vision, make plans, but also use visualisation to help you see what you can achieve. Remember, if YOU don’t believe it, no-one else will!”


Founder of Kate Starkey Couture – Ladies Tailoring company

Kate decided to apply for a mentor because she felt she needed to expand her perspective and benefit from the wisdom and experience of a successful business owner – and is delighted to be learning from Chantal’s mentoring.

Kate has said after her initial meetings with Chantal:

“Chantal has been invaluable in creating a real focus for myself and the business – providing great insight into what’s important to concentrate on at any one time.

As we both operate in quite niche markets, there is a great synergy in our businesses.  Chantal has therefore been able to advise on many different levels and I am hoping to achieve clarity in exactly what direction the business will go – and some tips on how to get there!”

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