London Review of Cakes: i love “roccocco”

I’ll start by saying that I wish blogging was more like the actual press, you rave about something and receive a whole load of it in return. Because if I was about to receive a large delivery of chocolate from the wonderful rococo (please note idiotic spelling mistake above, if it’s any justification at all I have a stinking cold), I’d be a very happy girl indeed.

Whilst I am throughly in love with cakes, chocolate, especially the quality stuff has a big place in my heart too.

Not only are their chocolates delectable, and made in all kinds of weird and wonderful flavours (my favourite of all time is the sea salt, so much so that I can forgive them for making one using cardamon – yuk!) but the packaging is fantastic too.

Their store on the Marylebone road is a chocoholics paradise and offers truffle making sessions that would be perfect for a birthday or a hen do.

Your typo has been forgiven, indeed it was quite entertaining. The problem possiblly stems from the pronounciation which should sound like the O in cocoa. I think most classes are held at Belgravia, but I could be mistaken.

via London Review of Cakes: i love rococo.

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