Kisses and Nipples Box – Exclusive to Go-British

box of lips

The truffle hound box is the perfect package to deliver to your special man, full of hand painted dark chocolate kisses. With a neatly packed selection of Venus’ Nipples to accompany them, your beau will roll over and be begging for more!

It is no secret that the Brits are a nation of Dog lovers. We own around 8 million of them as pets and they are our best friends and are seen as very much a part of our families. Dogs are loyal, lovable, huggable, trainable, clever and playful. All these are traits we would love in our ideal men!box of nipples

  • 12 red handmade dark chocolate lips
  • 10 creamy handmade coffee ganaches covered with white chocolate and topped with a chocolate coffee bean nipple!

via Rococo Kisses and Nipples Box – Exclusive to Go-British.

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