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chocolate box

I had a lovely day yesterday. I did my stretch class which made me feel, well, stretched. Afterwards my friend (who happens to be the my stretch teacher too) drove us into town for some fun. We visited Anna Valentine at her studio. It is located in one of those really pretty Mews streets that are tucked away in London, just off Marlybone Lane. Having seen them at the fashion show a couple of weeks ago, it was great to see the detailing and fabrics up close.

We then visited Rococo Chocolates to collect my winning box of chocolates. Rococo chocolate is delicious and the packaging lovely. I need to take a picture quickly to post as the chocolates themselves seem to be evaporating. I have no idea where they are going…

We then had a lovely lunch with maybe just a few bubbles… and a mooch along Marlybone High Street into the VERY nice shops. Although I was tired when I got home and went to bed very early last night, it was great to be out. To look at lovely things. To laugh. And live.

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