Japanese Diary of traveling in England and France

I found English chocolates are too sweet for us, Japanese but this chocolate is very delicious! There are many kind of chocolate such as chocolate bar, truffle, candies and etc, they look so lovely. Wrapping papers, patterns of the boxes are beautiful so that we want to keep them. I bought an organic milk bar, a sea salt bar and earl grey bar and….. my favorite one is a white chocolate with dried strawberry. It’s so delicious with the combination of white chocolate and sour dried strawberry, I can’t help stop eating this. I searched for the products by internet but unfortunately we can not buy in Japan. If anybody know where we can but, please let me know.

Thanks to Yuko Miller for the translation.

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via おいしい♪ ロココ・チョコレート – イギリス、フランス旅日記          美味しい・かわいい・だいすき – 楽天ブログ(Blog).

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