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This site is the sublime gateway to all the delights that Rococo holds. Its sophisticated design, with Rococo’s signature 18th century engravings, makes this site almost appealing as the chocolates themselves, which are world class. Rococo is now in its twenties and Chantal Coady continues to take the company to loftier heights. The online ordering is a huge success, making Rococo chocolates available worldwide.


The photographs are of superb quality and shopping online could not be simpler. Imagine having to choose between several types of drinking chocolate; the one with black pepper would suit a chilly day. You can also buy raw cocoa nibs here too, to add some crunch to your chocolate recipes. Chantal’s book, Real Chocolate, can be bought online and this is full of wonderful recipes. Try the lamb with chocolate, anchovy and capers – it’s delicious.


Of course, the selection of chocolates is outstanding. We especially like the artisan bars, why not try the basil and lime, chilli pepper or go for a bar infused with Earl Grey tea? With high class products you have to expect high prices but we feel that Rococo Chocolates are more than worth it. There are lots of gorgeous gift boxes and chocolate creations, perfect for presents.

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