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Chocolate on Southwark bridge

When we heard someone mention a ‘Feast on the Bridge’ we immediately got to investigating this unnusual sounding event. We discovered it is part of the end of summer Mayors Thames Festival and now in it’s fourth year, it involves shutting off Southwark Bridge and turning it into a giant food and eating space along with an extensive dining table running the length of the bridge with golden chairs. It is described as being ‘about bringing people together in celebration to share food, to talk, to dance and to reclaim a beautiful public space in the heart of the city’.

We headed up to the Southbank on Saturday not quite prepared for the sheer volume of visitors that had ventured out to do the same. Undeterred we battled along the river, passing all manner of interesting looking stalls, dancing, creative workshops and live music, but kept going determined to reach our destination, Southwark Bridge. Finally we arrived and were greeted with great wafts of tempting smells emenating from stalls selling everything from cakes, bread & cheese to hot food and an impressive hog roast.

We wound our way through the throngs of revellers eating, drinking and being generally merry until we got to the other end of the bridge where we discovered a whole host of food based activities. Konditor & Cook were there inviting people to help build an edible snapshot of the bridge itself, there were bees and wormeries,pumpkin carving, we even saw cows as part of a demonstration on how to make butter and cheese.  We also met the rather lovely Chantal Coady founder of Rococo Chocolates who was actually making chocolate on the bridge and explaining the whole process to groups of enchanted viewers. She also very kindly gave me a bar of delicious Christmas pudding dark chocolate from this years Christmas range which I may or may not be eating now…..

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