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A lovely review, found in Facebook:

So let’s start with Rococo. Around for more than 25 years, Rococo is an institution in the world of premium chocolates. They now have three locations, but we opted to visit the original store located on Kings Road in Chelsea, and I’m glad we did. It felt like a first store: intimate, a bit worn, and authentic. The staff there was very friendly and extremely passionate about all of the chocolates. We knew we could only bring back a limited number of bars with us, and I can’t tell you how difficult it was to narrow down the selection – every bar we tasted (and I’m pretty sure we tasted them all) was delicious.

We finally settled on five different types of bars, all made with organic chocolate: milk chocolate with sea salt, dark chocolate with chili pepper, dark chocolate with Earl Grey tea (my personal favorite – I can’t understand why every chocolatier out there doesn’t make an Earl Grey truffle), dark chocolate with orange & geranium, and (the unexpected hit) white chocolate with cardamom. This last one is now the only white chocolate bar we carry at the store, and it’s a truly inspired combination. In addition to their bars, we sampled fantastic chocolate wafers, many different types of truffles, and their beautiful edible flower arrangements – sadly, all of these are far too delicate for world travel, so we couldn’t bring those back with us. But do come in and try some of the bars – in addition to being unique, tasty and organic, they are beautifully packaged and make for wonderful gift..

via Facebook | the candy store: Sticky Twisty Crunchy Fizzy London! (Part Two)

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