Experience A Truly Unique Flower Show…

floral bars

Floral Bars

Avoid the sun and the crowds – and discover fragrant, crisp and perfectly scented florals by Rococo.

Containing 65% cocoa solids with a dark chocolate blend including cocoa beans from the Grococo project in northern Grenada, our floral bars are unique thanks to the perfume grade essential oils and fragrances which complement the chocolate without ever overpowering it. The wrappers also feature original watercolours by Rococo’s founder and designer Chantal Coady.

As well as the rose, violet and jasmine tea floral dark chocolate bars, Rococo also has a lavender dark chocolate and rose milk chocolate as part of an Artisan bar range – recently re-designed with stunning Marococo wrappers.

All make wonderful summer gifts for fans of delicious chocolate with a difference.

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