Easter egg prices soar 20%

easter egg

EASTER favourites such as elegant rabbits, bilbies and Humpty Dumpty eggs have undergone dramatic price hikes thanks to a double whammy jump in the cost of chocolate’s two main ingredients.

The ingredients’ prices are at 20 to 30-year highs worldwide and manufacturers are passing the increases straight on to consumers. “Everyone will make their own mind up where the value truly lies,” Mr Zinn said.

“There’s a thing called choc-product that does not satisfy the requirements of chocolate, which is based on the quantity of cocoa butter, said Mr Zinn. “It’s up to people, whether they want to gorge on cheap product or indulge in something more expensive but better quality.”

While it’s true the raw materials aren’t getting any cheaper we think £20 is a bargain for the work of art represented in this egg. And we think the farmers deserve better prices too.

via Easter egg prices soar 20% | Courier Mail.

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