Day 4 Mad Ape map & brief report from James

Day 3 will be known as ‘The Long day’. Never, ever will I do 12 hours non-stop in a 3 wheeler again, broken only for stops for fuel and for cuppa with afore-mentioned Cornish hardmen!

Highlights were (in the nicest possible sense)leaving Scotland after 360 miles, seeing that greenery does exist in between Wigan and Warrington (the gloom that had enveloped the lake district had lifted) and finally unfurling myself, cocoon-like, from the cockpit, all aches and ringing ears quickly forgotten with Mags and Jeremy Rogers warmest of welcomes (I swear they’d already poured the beer). Sleep may well come easily, and tomorrow can only be shorter!

The three charities that will benefit are: Treloar’s, which provides education and much more for disabled children,  Sense, the leading national charity for deafblind people, and WaterAid which is an international non-governmental organisation improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the 3rd World.

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