Chocolatier develops new bar that fights wrinkles and keeps skin smooth

Some women already think it is better than sex. So one can only imagine how excited they will be by a chocolate bar that fights wrinkles. Just two or three squares a day could slow the ageing process, keeping the skin smooth and line-free, research shows wonder-bar: Acticoa has been found to slow the ageing process and keep skin smooth. Studies show only 20g a day of the chocolate could help prevent wrinkles and make the skin more radiant by boosting elasticity and improving hydration.

The time-defying bars, drinks and buttons are the brainchild of chocolatiers at Barry Callebaut, has developed the ‘healthy’ bar by working out a way of preserving antioxidants called flavanols. Although they are found in cocoa beans, flavanols are usually destroyed during the chocolate-making process. Flavanols mop up dangerous molecules called free radicals which are produced by smoking, pollution, and caffeine. They are blamed for a host of ills, including accelerating the ageing process.

via Mail Online.

Chantal says

Rococo do use this chocolate to make some antioxidant bars and eggs at Easter time, but it is not as nice as our organic house blend, which has some Grococo beans in it, and there is a small amount of milk in this couverture which is not what we would normally expect to see in dark chocolate. To maximise the “gastrorganic” effect we suggest something like our organic dark chocolate bars, or wafers containing Grenada Chocolate which is naturally high in antioxidants.
Always remember, less is more, and the body and brain chemistry are not fooled by marketing speak.


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