Chocolate Unwrapped with Doc “Choc” Murray Langham

oct16-17Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th October 2010 at Rococo Motcomb St. Author of Chocolate Therapy: Unwrap the Secrets of Your Inner Self Murray Langham will be coming from New Zealand to do chocolate personality readings. reviews

This book does an analysis of it’s reader in 3 parts. First by the shape of chocolate (e.g. circle, square etc.), then by the centre (e.g. nougat, fudge, hard toffee etc.), and then by what you do with the wrapper (scruncher, sculptor etc.).

An innovative approach to peoples relationship with Chocolate from Doctor “Choc”. The author has analysed chocolate behaviours and provided a road map that it both fun and compelling, whether for individuals. partners or the whole family. Definitely a book for the curious and the lively spirited.

If you love chocolate and wish to taste and learn more about this wonderful food then make sure you get your tickets for the UK’s premier chocolate event, Chocolate Unwrapped.

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