Charley Boorman and Rococo HoP to it!

Charley & James outside mother of parliaments.

Charley & James outside mother of parliaments.

Long Way Round celebrity and all-round biker hero Charley Boorman appeared at the Houses of Parliament on Saturday 15th May at 10.00 am.

Charley pushed off Rococo Chocolates’ very own James Booth as he starts the first leg of his hugely ambitious charity biking adventure – travelling from John O’Groats to Lands End (874 miles) on Rococo’s trusty Piaggio APE – a tiny 50cc three wheeler!

Having never done more than 20 miles in a week before during occasional Rococo deliveries and chocolate fairs, the APE charity trip is all for a really good cause – or three to be more precise – for which James hopes to raise £50,000.

James’ progess will be tracked online via SatNav, and he will be sending updates and photos from the trip to Rococo’s blog. Unfortunately he forgot to switch it on till just now so we can just see a glimpse of him in the lake district around 6pm today. They’re averaging 60mph in the support car, and have just narrowly avoided a pile up with Hell’s angels, hopefully the last such incidence, but they claim to have got some dramatic air ambulance footage as a silver lining.

It might only average 25mph but we’re sure that the bond between James and his little engine that thinks it can will see them through the challenge!

If you’d like to Sponsor James on his Mad Ape Run, you can donate money online to go to Treloar’s, WaterAid or Sense.

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