Belgravia to host London Restaurant Festival 4 – 18 October

Belgravia is hosting a range of events during the London Restaurant Festival from 4 – 18 October including a culinary safari along Pimlico Road.

The culinary safari on 4 October will commence with starters at 101 Pimlico Road, main courses at Roussillon and desserts at chocolate patisserie William Curley.

Visitors can also board the Belgravia Gourmet Odyssey Bus on 9 October and 16 October, with its first stop being Thai restaurant Nahm.

Chocolate tours will take place on 10 October, 12 October and 14 October at Rococo Chocolates, William Curley, French patissierie-chocolatier Pierre Herme, and chocolate cocktails at Mimosa.

via Belgravia to host London Restaurant Festival.

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