Chocolates as film set props

Taking the Flak, is a comedy drama which aired on BBC Two in summer 2009. It is set in a fictional Central African country that is the middle of a civil war. A team of BBC journalists arrive from London, to the annoyance of the local BBC stringer Harry Chambers (Bruce Mackinnon), and send reports back to BBC News in London. This except shows the use of Rococo Chocolates masquerading as Belgian, and badly rewrapped no doubt having been intercepted by the props department!

This clip was spotted by an eagle eyed customer watching the Taking the Flak [buy DVD on amazon] series that aired last year on BBC2.

Chantal Coady comments

Shame about the Belgian attribution. Also the ribbon is very badly tied, someone must have eaten the contents and re-ribboned?
They certainly would not have passed QC at our end! I suppose it shows how good they are that even as props they have been mishandled…

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